Why Tennis Getaways :

TennisGetaways.com - was created as an online travel portal to help tennis enthusiasts to find their next tennis holiday spot to stay and play the game, whether it is to perfect their strokes or preferring a more relaxing schedule in which they can swim, golf, or just socialize by the bar. The core of our service is information. Resort profile, reviews, pictures, tennis getaway packages, prices and availability. In short, all the information you need to make the best decisions.

What does the rate button mean :

Our posted rates are approximate and are for information purposes only. It may be different when a reservation is made. You will be confirmed on the rates when a check for availability request is made. The button is disabled when rates are not available.

What does the availability button mean :

To make a reservation or availability request, click on the orange availability button on any destination webpage. For those that have the technology to give you online rates and confirmation numbers, you will be instantly directed to their website. Otherwise, your information, which should include your name and address, phone number arrival and departure dates, will be forwarded to the hotel and/or resort property listed for confirmation of rates and availability. This feature will be available soon.

How to add a destination :

To join simply email your destination information. Be sure to include property name, address, city, state/country, email address, and a contact name/phone number. We will contact you as soon as possible for inclusion in our tennis getaways. We look forward to working with you!

Who is TennisGetways.com :

TennisGetaways.com is operated by BC Tennis Buyers Club, the people who has brought you  BCTennis.com, the comprehensive source of online information and web-based community for tennis enthusiasts since 2002.

How to contact us :

We want to hear from our visitors. Please forward your comments to:

BC Tennis Buyers Club
PO Box 91838 STN
West Vancouver, British Columbia
V7V 4S1, Canada

Voice: 604.202.1918

Email: tennis@bctennis.com